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Simple, Free, Profitable and Impactful

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We are fulfilling our purpose by building on a system developed by Don LaPlume to help individuals and families create a happy, healthy, and prosperous life and providing a system to make every succeeding generation grow knowledge and wealth in a way that successfully spans the generational barrier and delivers a true Lasting Impact, one family at a time.

1. This system includes Mindset training

2. Financial Training

3. Free Affiliate Program

4. Expert guidance from professionals

and much more. This episode breaks down the free affiliate program to provide a way for our listeners to profit from the podcast if they choose to and put in the necessary efforts. Each persons income is completely based on their personal efforts and no promises or representations are being made here. This is a free affiliate program that anyone may join and market if they chose.

Text of this episode

Welcome to the next episode of the lasting impact podcast!

This episode is about a cornerstone of what we are doing with Lasting Impact Media and our Podcast.

We are helping individuals and families to create a happy, healthy, and prosperous life and providing a system to make every succeeding generation grow knowledge and wealth in a way that successfully spans the generational barrier and delivers a true Lasting Impact, one family at a time.

Some of you have said to yourself, sure, this all sounds good, but I do not have a way or the time to generate more income. I certainly do not have the money to invest in a business.

Personally, I think time and money are poor excuses. That is not to say, I haven’t used that same excuse myself in the past. I have.

Look, we all go through times in our life when we just have our heads down and we are just trying to survive.  

However, when we are in that space, we also know we must change our thinking to get out, but how.

First you need to know there is a way out. And there is. So let me share with you the way our team is building for you. It is free today and forever. You can start off with just an hour a month or as much time as you can free up. We provide you the products, the training, and the system. You simply put in the work. This is not getting rich quickly, this is building as you can and generating more and more extra money over time.

Officially open TODAY is our Lasting Impact Affiliate Program. Simply visit, and click on the button just below the recent podcast link that says,” Join Our Free Affiliate Program Today!”


I’m about to talk about the income, our training and our system in a minute. First, why does the button say, join today? Simple, the sooner you join and share the program the more people you know who will be tied to your account. You see, if you send someone to Lasting Impact Media we have our customer tracking duration set to 50 years. Which means, if you are the first person to have them click on your link and they go to Lasting Impact Media to check out our courses, training or affiliate program, they are logged to you. Most affiliate programs set their tracking duration for 30 or 60 days. By the way, we also log their IP address, so even if they clear their cookies they are still tied to you. I know 50 years is probably over kill, if someone hasn’t purchased anything in 25 years they probably are not going to, but I thought, let’s make it as long as possible so everyone who shares our courses, training, books and other items is protected.  I should also say, if you don’t know what cookies or ip addresses are, you really don’t need to in order for you to profit from this program. They are simply just ways to track and tie someone’s purchase to your account.

Next, I want to explain the products, training and our growth system.

First though,


Okay, let’s talk about the products. We have been hard at work negotiating and developing some incredible training for life and business growth.  Over a dozen programs and products are coming online over the next few months. Including our own, Life Track System® which is a monthly subscription and goes live on May 15th of 2021. Can you say residual income?

We also have some incredible referral options. For example this coming week we are building in, the ability for you to share a simple link to your contacts in certain states. If they add solar to their home through that link, you will earn at least $500 after it is installed. All you did was give them a link to click. They filled out the request form and after their solar installation is complete through our system, you get paid.

We will continue to find and add programs like this in addition to our courses.

If you have a program you recommend, please reach out to us at and we just might add your program to the affiliate system!

Bottom line is, we want to share, the concept of leaving a lasting impact on the world, one family at a time. To do that, we need funding. We believe, that if you have a simple way to share and profit for yourself, while helping others with products, training and information that betters other people’s lives, then we all win! Together WE Will Leave a Lasting Impact on the world!

So Don, you mentioned how much we can make from Solar in certain states. How about the training?

The training and online courses are our core product line. Unless it is otherwise posted for a certain master course, you will receive 20% of the sales price for all the courses purchased because of you sharing the links and ads we provide you.

Now, some of the people you send will also become affiliates. When they do you will receive 7% of the sales their sharing generates. Some of those people will also become affiliates and you will receive 3% of the sales their sharing generates.

This is a simple 2 tier affiliate program. Standard commissions are 20% for your direct sales, 7% for sales generated from your first tier and 3% for sales generated from your second tier.

This works for solar as well. The tiers go $500 for your direct solar referrals after install, $150 for installs completed on your 1st tier and $50 for installs generated from your second tier.

Be sure to check each new product, training, or service so you what the numbers are.

Simple, Free, Profitable, and Impactful!

Let’s cover the system we provide, as soon as you are an affiliate you will have access to your own dashboard to track your results and your affiliate tiers. In that dashboard right at the top of the page you will see marketing materials. Click there and you will see lots of sharing options. On Tuesday we open our first product officially. You will find social media ads, banner ads, text links even email links you can use to promote the course. We are even going to be offering a special 35% off coupon you can share on social media to start generating sales.

Here is the cool thing. You might send someone to the site but maybe though don’t buy right away. Well they are already linked to you. So, when they listen to one of our podcasts, hear the ad for the course and decide to buy, you get the credit!

Here is the first recording of that very ad on our First Master Course.

Break for Facebook Groups Master Course Ad   

If you want to learn more about affiliate marketing and take your free business to the next level be sure to click on Training Materials at the top of your dashboard. We purchased the rights for this special training for every one of you. I can tell you it was not free but it is free for you to use. This is top notch affiliate training.

All you need to do is watch the videos, learn, act and PROFIT!

As I said – Simple, Free, Profitable, and Impactful!

Tomorrow I am interviewing the gentleman who brought me the Facebook Groups Master Course, Mr. Michael McGrail! The course will be live for sale and purchase on Tuesday April 20th,2021!

I’ll catch you on the interview podcast with Mike McGrail. Be sure to go to, get your free affiliate account and share your link with friends so they can get theirs. It is now time to take action. Make today the start of a very profitable journey for yourself and your friends!

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