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Beta Experiences Go  Live Date – August 6th, 2021


Coming Soon to the Lasting Impact University is XR!

XR is really Extended Reality.

It is a fully immersive learning and collaboration experience

Lasting Impact Media with it’s sister company Rhino XR Studios is taking online learning into the 5th dimension. Don’t worry if you are not yet ready for it or think you need special equipment such as VR goggles.


You can actually explore new worlds of learning right from your desktop even without goggles.

If you are ready for full XR and you want to go all in for the full virtual reality experience we recommend the following equipment.

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Serving Families

Families today typically fall into one of 4 categories.

  1. Families who live day to day, week to week just trying to get by and wishing for less stress and more time together.
  2. Families who have decided to settle for what they have and trade the money and opportunities to enjoy each others company.
  3. Families who work massive hours to get ahead, sacrificing time with each other for the longer term goal.
  4. Families who have the time, money and freedom to enjoy each others company, travel and experience life, and send their kids to the best schools.

Yes there are variations of these categories but would you agree most families fall into categories 1 – 3? Yet, when they were growing up they wanted to live the life of the 4th category.

We are building a track to run on which, if chosen can bring your family into that 4th category. Not just for money but for time, love, experience, comfort and the ability to make a difference in other peoples lives.

Serving Businesses & Careers

Whether you have choosen to build a business or build a career both matter. They are both our way of contributing to the world and adding value. They often become our identity. “I am a plumber”, “I am a business owner”, “I am factory worker”. It is critical for each of us that we have a way to contribute to the world and support our family. Those two things are honorable and we should strive in every way to be the best we can be at whatever we have chosen for our work.

Many people believe that which ever they have chosen will determine how their life will turn out. Because of that, we often believe we don’t have a choice, we must choose what we need to do to survive rather than something much more meaningful and enjoyable to us. People often say, life happened so I do what I do because I have to.  Actually, you do what you do because you believe it is the best way for you to support your family and don’t believe that there is a better way. 

We are building that better way and believe you can get to a point where you are doing exactly what you were created to do not want you believe you have to do.

Our Story

Lasting Impact Media, LLC. is founded by Donald LaPlume Jr. after three decades of experiencing success and failure. Living a great live and a challenging life. Raising 5 kids with a wonderful and encouraging wife and bouncing from Category 3 to category 1 and then back again with a couple short stints at category 2. Yet always striving for the peace, prosperity and family success of category 4. He finally came to realize that there is a way to get there. However, it will never happen allowing life to control his direction. There needs to be a track to run on, a system that anyone can employ no matter what station in life they find themselves in today. No matter their age, income or ability. A true Life System that can be learned and taught.

We say no matter a persons age. Frankly, the younger we are the more of the results we will get to enjoy. However, which one of us would not, if we had the secret recipe to life, gladly do the cooking so that we could set up our children, grandchildren and all future generations for a category 4 life? One caveat, this is a family journey. If you are single now, include your parents. If you have a family, get them all involved. If they do not understand the track you ran on they will not be able to pass it on to your grandchild and future generations. This is a family journey. 


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