XR-Getting Started in VR Learning

$59.00 / month

Join an out of this world learning and collaboration experience!

Where you will ~

  1. Have access to Full Immersion Learning – This subscription includes the ENTIRE – University Core Curriculum – Life Track System®
  2. Collaborate live and in person with others in the LIXR Hub Metaverse
  3. Participate in Live Events happening in The LIXR Hub and Connected Worlds
  4. Stop being a Square on a screen and instead Build A Mastermind Team in Virtual Reality to take your business and life to a whole new level!
  5. Have Fun Exploring the Metaverse Together, Anywhere, & Anytime

The future of education is here!

****No goggles needed!!!

Our XR - Extended Reality - is designed to be experienced on a desktop computer, a laptop or with VR googles. Which ever way you have access to you can enter.
In the meta verse everyone is equal. You are in avatar and you could be a super hero a historical figure, the future person you want to be or just as you are now.
Only registered subscribers are allowed to enter our subscriber worlds and take the courses, join in business and personal networking and collaborate. This is a safe fully immersive experience where you will learn faster, retain more information and not be held back by external conditions. We can even change the gravity in the room. Think of a physics class where you can experience near zero gravity!
The all Lasting Impact Media Core Courses come with this LIXR subscription so you will have a growing list of content to digest, the university is always expanding and more functionality will continue to be added.
You made an awesome decision to become launching your next level life learning in virtual reality!Join an out of this world learning and collaboration experience!


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