Season 1, Episode 11

Financial Tools, Help and Guidance for Those in Debt, for Home Buyers, Home Owners & Our US Veterans 

So much of what we teach at Lasting Impact is about financial literacy and success. We are so excited to have, The SafeGuard Group, a HUD Approved Non-profit here to shed some light on services and tools that are available to you the home buyer, the home owner, the Veteran, people who just want to have someone in their corner financially and those who may have some debts and could really use some help on budgeting, finances and debt reduction/elimination.

Can you imaging having someone who will work for you at no cost to make sure your financial position is the best it can be. Someone who is unbiased except that they want to help you? The SafeGuard Group is that organization!

Assisting consumers in meeting their fiscal responsibilities and reaching their financial goals through ethical education, credit, housing counseling and homebuyer programs.

We went deep into their programs and uncovered some amazing opportunities today for home buyers, Veterans and others!

Here is the special button which takes you to the Facebook Groups Master Course details.

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