Season 1, Episode 7

Don LaPlume’s Interview With Jason Calabrese of Ion Solar Pros

A Special Edition of the Lasting Impact Podcast. Ion Solar Pros is an award winning solar company educating how families can be helped financially with the correct solar program for their home. We also talk about a $500 referral fee if solar is not right for you but you know of someone who could benefit and you refer them through the Lasting Impact Media, LLC. Affiliate Program and they get solar through Ion because of that referral. Get all the details on this podcast episode.

***Please note, the referral fee is a special flat fee referral and is not part of the standard commissions paid through the Lasting Impact Media, LLC. Affiliate Program.



Don LaPlume

Special Guest

Jason Calabrese of Ion Solar Pros

Special Program Information

  • Free Biweekly solar information sessions available at 7pm Eastern. The next one is 5/12/2021 – Click to register for the next upcoming session.
  • **** This referral program through the Lasting Impact Media, LLC. affiliate program does not follow the standard commission structure. It is a flat $500 for the referring person or entity if their referral was sent via your Lasting Impact Media, LLC affiliate link and if they get solar installed because of that referral through Ion Solar Pros.******
  • **** Solar through this program is currently only available in the following states: Florida, North Carolina, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts and southern NH, southern VT. Please also note, some areas in these states may be served by utilities or communities which do not allow some or all solar programs.****

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