Season 1, Episode 12

B.A.N.K. Your Relationships – Definitely not what it sounds like

When Michelle cracked my code it was enlightening but when she taught me how crack other peoples codes and how to interact with them from a totally different perspective it changed my life and my relationships. Then she brought me on the verge of tears when she told me about how this impacted her relationship with her children. Because I was now able to look back and realize why I often butted heads with my children. I would give anything to have had this knowledge when my kids were first born. While I can not change history I now have another key to life, a HUGE key, to impact my families future and the futures of so many.
Some of you who will listen are young and this podcast and your future talks with Michelle will have a major impact on how your life and family turn out. Others of us are more seasoned we will immediately recognize the value this knowledge has in all our lives going forward we will also realize this should be taught to EVERY person starting in Kindergarten. English, Math, History, Science, Reading and B.A.N.K.!
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I wish everyone of you the very best,
Don LaPlume
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